City Council

Members of the City Council are:

- Chairman of the City Council - Councillor Łukasz Więcek
- Councillor Artur Werner
- Councillor Marek Rząsowski
- Councillor Jacek Gębicz
- Councillor Rafał Dębski
- Councillor Paweł Kałdoński
- Councillor Dariusz Kopeć
- Councillor Tomasz Kornacki
- Councillor Sławomir Kowalczyk
- Councillor Beata Kowalska
- Councillor Tadeusz Kubak
- Councillor Andrzej Kucharski
- Councillor Robert Lewandowski
- Councillor Andrzej Otoliński
- Councillor Paweł Pichit
- Councillor Jolanta Piechowicz
- Councillor Zbigniew Piechowicz
- Councillor Grzeogrz Skalik
- Councillor Magdalena Spólnicka
- Councillor Dorota Sujka
- Councillor Katarzyna Wośko

Councillors work in seven thematic commissions:

- The Commission of Public Utilities and the Environment Protection
- The Commission of Family Affairs, Health and Welfare
- The Commission of Education, Culture and Physical Education
- The Commission of Public Safety
- The Commision of Municipality Budget
- The Commission of Town Development and Spatial Planning
- Revisionary