Executive Authorities

Jarosław Ferenc - Mayor of Radomsko

 Mayor of Radomsko Mr Jarosław Ferenc coordinates all matters related to the proper functioning of the town and the following departments:

- Department of Public Procurement
- Department of Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Waste Management
- Audit and Internal Control Office
- Solicitors Office
- Civil Status Office
- Protection Division
- Information Security Administrator

e-mail: prezydent@radomsko.pl

phone: + 48 44 685 45 10

Małgorzata Kańska-Kipigroch - Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor of Radomsko - Mrs Małgorzata Kańska-Kipigroch is responsible for the following departments:

- Department of Education & Culture
- Department of Information & Promotion
- Department of the Citizens Affairs
- Center of Social Activity

Jacek Belka - Deputy Mayor 

Deputy Mayor of Radomsko - Mr Jacek Belka is the head of the departments:

- Department of Town Development
- Department of Investment and Municipality Engineering
- Center of the Innovative Investment
- Department of Real Estate Management

Mariola Wypych - Treasurer of Town

Treasurer of Town - Mrs Mariola Wypych ensures proper budget execution and manages the work of the departments:

- Financial Department
- Tax Section
- Accounting Section

Jan Suwart - Secretary of Town

Secretary of Town - Mr Jan Suwart supervises the work of subordinate departments:

- Department of Administration & Organization
- Department of Security & Orderliness
- IT office
- Customer Service Office