Executive Authorities

Jarosław Ferenc - Mayor of Radomsko

Dr Jarosław Ferenc, born in 1968, married to Joanna; and father of two daughters – Justyna and Paulina.
  • He graduated from the University of Lodz with the Master of Arts degree in Geography of Tourism on the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences. Later on, he began a scientific work in Department of Green Areas Development and Landscape Planning at the University of Lodz. During these 10 years he was an academic teacher, a supervisor and reviewer of several dozens of master’s theses.
  • In 2002 he defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Conditioning and Functioning of Public Transport in the City of Lodz” and received an academic title, the Doctor of Geoscience. In addition to that, he finished postgraduate studies in protection and management of environment, international courses in spatial and local economy.
  • He had a chance to gain a work experience in the cities like Paris, Berlin, Lyon, and to become familiar with the problems of development.
  • Numerous courses helped him to build his competences in terms of local government and administration.
  • Since 2002, he has been involved in the self-government, as a city and district councilman.
  • To the end of 2016 he served as a Deputy Mayor of Radomsko and in the years of 2007-2015 worked at the City Hall of Częstochowa as a Department Chief of Economic Development and Department of City Development.
  • In 2011-2014 he was a member of Platform of Public-Private Partnership at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. He was also engaged in the affairs of Association of Polish Cities.
  • He has been an active member of a nonpolitical association “Razem dla Radomska” [Together for Radomsko] gathering people who work for the good of the town. In 2007-2015 he was a vice-chairman and currently he is a chairman.

Mayor of Radomsko coordinates all matters related to the proper functioning of the town and the following departments:

- Department of Public Procurement
- Department of Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Waste Management
- Audit and Internal Control Office
- Solicitors Office
- Civil Status Office
- Protection Division
- Information Security Administrator

e-mail: prezydent@radomsko.pl

phone: + 48 44 685 45 10

Małgorzata Kańska-Kipigroch - Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor of Radomsko - Mrs Małgorzata Kańska-Kipigroch is responsible for the following departments:

- Department of Education & Culture
- Department of Information & Promotion
- Department of the Citizens Affairs
- Center of Social Activity

Jacek Belka - Deputy Mayor 

Deputy Mayor of Radomsko - Mr Jacek Belka is the head of the departments:

- Department of Town Development
- Department of Investment and Municipality Engineering
- Center of the Innovative Investment
- Department of Real Estate Management

Mariola Wypych - Treasurer of Town

Treasurer of Town - Mrs Mariola Wypych ensures proper budget execution and manages the work of the departments:

- Financial Department
- Tax Section
- Accounting Section

Kamila Malinowska-Sztangreciak - Secretary of Town

Secretary of Town - Mrs Kamila Malinowska-Sztangreciak supervises the work of subordinate departments:

- Department of Administration & Organization
- Department of Security & Orderliness
- IT office
- Customer Service Office