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Did you know…?

•    The very first written records about Radomsko come from 1243, when the Duke Konrad I of Masovia proclaimed a bestowal act of estate for Dominican friars in Płock

•    In 1816, the Jewish graveyard was established and located near Przedborska 196 Street. The ashes of zaddikim from the local Rabinovitch line, as well as the other members of the family are preserved in the splendid ohel (a small shrine-like building with a tomb in the centre).

•    During the World War I our City was liberated on 7th November 1918 when the group of locals and armed members of Polish Military Organisation advanced on the Austrian military office. When demands of laying down the arms were fulfilled, Radomsko was claimed as one of the first independent Polish cities.

•    First Marshal of Poland, Józef Piłsudski was the first honorary citizen of Radomsko. This decision was made during the City Council session on 31st January 1920 in Radomsko, when the Chairman of the City Council was Walenty Starostecki.

•    The most famous of the Różewicz borthers was Tadeusz (9th October 1921 – 24th April 2014) regarded as an outstanding poet, dramatist and writer; his younger brother – Stanisław, (16th August 1924 – 9th November 2008) was a notable film director and screenwriter. Both were born in Radomsko.

•    On 1st September 1939 Radomsko went through the showers of first dropped bombs and on 3rd September the City was seized by Germans without fighting.

•    In 1992, the local Antiquity Care Association initiated an establishment of a lapidarium at the Old Cemetery in Radomsko, where all abandoned tombs, crosses and memorials (also in French and Russian) were gathered.

•    On the list of Lodzkie cuisine you can find: tatarczuch (a kind of a bread made out of buckwheat with a little flavour of honey) and zalewajka (a potato based soup, with rye sourdough, mushrooms and bran. Its taste is slightly sour and saltish with a distinct after-taste of mushrooms and golden fried onions).

•    In 2000, during a XXI solemn session the City Council chose Jadwiga as a patroness of Radomsko. This event is marked by the memorial, hung up on the wall of the local Museum, presenting the image of the Monarch.

•    On 20th June 2010, during the celebration Days of Radomsko, 1 980 participants set a Poland record in mass milk drinking through a straw from 250ml containers.

•    In our city you will find the longest wooden bench in Poland, which is exactly 94 meters long. The record was set 19th June 2011. The bench is placed in Solidarity Park. To make it the local carpenters used 421 running meters.

•    The residents of Radomsko smashed another record. This time was a record in dancing “Gangnam Style” in 2013, June 23rd by 1 172 record-breakers and was noted in Polish Book of Records and Peculiarity.

•    Since 2nd June 2014, the guests can visit the first “The Jewish Open Air Museum” in Europe. The Museum is located around the city and consists of 50 stone pavement plates (50cm x 60cm) placed in the areas connected with the Jewish culture in our City.